My GI struggles continue. Breath testing confirmed SIBO. Taking some herbal concoctions and working on motility, hoping to beat it without antibiotics. One week in and improving. Sick of the limited low-carb diets.

Been using a low FODMAP diet for two weeks to figure out what’s been bothering my stomach. Also got breath tests from QuinTron. Interested to see the results. So far pretty sure I react to fructose and GOS. Likely sorbitol and fructans too but still testing. Surprisingly, okay w lactose!

Been using the Maffetone method on my last few runs. Enjoying the slower pace.

Also been playing D&D with my kids a lot. Discovered Adventure Keep, great tool for creating adventures.

Really enjoying Age of Wonders III lately. What a great game! The OST really puts it over the top.

Got a new order of coffee coming to get me through this quarantine. Been happy with Craft Coffee. Good stuff, reasonable price.

Playing a lot of Divinity II with my son Gabe during the quarantine. Very fun. Nice to actually have time to play through a CRPG.

Law firm is really enjoying Lean Law. Fast, simple, legal billing. Integrates with QBO. Great USA based support. Outstanding value. Highly recommend.

A new Magic Sword album coming soon! Really enjoy Magic Sword.

“Erase almost as much as you write.” - Horace

“I get paid the same either way on a case, might as well have fun with it.” - T Cooper

What is it with girls and horses? Here are my two (very happy) girls with their new horse Sundance (Sonny).

This WSJ article summarizes my problem with student loan forgiveness proposals. I worked through school, lived conservatively and kept my borrowing to a minimum. Then I refi’d my house to pay off my loans! How is forgiveness fair? Instead: permit student loans to be dischargeable in chapter 13 bankruptcy, give debtors (and parent co-signers) a reasonable repayment option, fixed or no interest, based on each person’s unique circumstances.

“No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.” - Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

Sunday morning espresso.

Claire doing Bear Basketball. Great job Claire Bear!

This winter my firm switched from SmokeBall to LeanLaw for legal time/billing. What an outstanding switch. Never utilized the features of SB. LL is true to its name - lean and mean. Working great for us for a fraction of the cost.

Gaylord 8th grade girls had a great game against T.C. East. Saige is working hard and getting better! Go Saige!

Ruling on the MRTMA

Interesting case on behalf of the City today. Clerk rejected an initative petition to establish a recreational marijuana ordinance because it did not contains sufficient signatures under City charter. The petitioners relied on the MRTMA, which states: “Individuals may petition to initiate an ordinance to provide for the number of marihuana establishments allowed within a municipality or to completely prohibit marihuana establishments within a municipality, and such ordinance shall be submitted to the electors of the municipality at the next regular election when a petition is signed by qualified electors in the municipality in a number greater than 5% of the votes cast for governor by qualified electors in the municipality at the last gubernatorial election.”

Judge ruled that the MRTMA only authorizes an initiative petition where the proposed ordinance either (1) establishes the number of marijuana facilities or (2) outright prohibits facilities. Anything else proposed (fees, regulation, land use restrictions, etc. ) must follow procedures in the city charter. He also found that the statute does not permit such a petition where the municipality has already taken action. To do so would not “initiate” a new ordinance but repeal an existing.

Will be interesting to see how other courts read the MRTMA.

First Post

First post. I plan to use this for posting about: + Law + Tech + Family + Coffee + Games + Running